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An element of various cuisines, today capers have become an indispensable accompaniment to salads, sauces, pizzas, pastas, fish, meat and chicken dishes. In addition to bringing a culinary accent to dishes they have grown in popularity due to their healthful properties. Those properties contribute to the well being of the human body due to their richness in phosphorus, iron, potassium, protein, fibers and vitamins.Our company's efforts to have the objective of making those blessings more accessible to a wider public thanks to our expertise, experience and modern processing lines, supplying all kind of packing jars, tins, pet and drums. The caper products come in a range of packing sizes, from 20 gr. to 3.0 kilos, in glassware or tin boxes or in 55 to 180 kilos barrels. The main export markets are European states, the USA and Japan as well as many other countries around the world.


67cc glass jar

Net Weight: 60g (2,11 oz)

Drained Weight: 45g (1,58 oz)

Volume: 67 ml.


370 cc Glass Jar

Net Weight: 350g (12,35 oz)

Drained Weight: 230g (8,11 oz)

Volume: 370 ml.


Pets 3 liters

Net Weight: 3000g (6 lb 9,8 oz)

Drained Weight: 1800g(3 lb 15,4 oz)

Volume: 3 Lt.


105 cc glass jar

Net Weight: 112g (3,5 oz)

Drained Weight: 67g (2,4 oz)

Volume: 105 ml.


720 cc Glass Jar

Net Weight: 680g (1 lb 7,9 oz)

Drained Weight: 450g (15,87 oz)

Volume: 720 ml.


180 kgs or 55 kgs drums 

Net Weight: 75kg ( 165 lb 5,5 oz)

Drained Weight: 55kg (121 lb 4 oz)

Volume: 60 Lt.

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105 cc glass jar

Net Weight: 100g (3,95 oz)

Drained Weight: 60g (2,11 oz)

Volume: 105 ml.

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Pails (1 Liter)

Net Weight: 1000g (2 lb  3,27 oz)

Drained Weight: 700g (1 lb 8,69 oz)

Volume: 105 ml.

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